About us

I am Dóra Szaffner, founder of Vowfully Weddings & Elopements.

I love the journey from meeting couples for the first time to the reminiscent, nostalgic moments after the wedding. Although it varies at which stage of the wedding planning process I enter your lives, we always develop a deep, intimate connection, as you confide in me, often revealing your innermost dreams and desires. I believe it is not exaggerating to say that by the time, I often become a friend, almost a family member. (I love it when your Grandmother, who has never seen me before, shouts to me from over the fence gate on arrival, like an old acquaintance, or when your Father entertains me with childhood stories while you are waiting for your makeup to be finished). Wedding planning is often a long process, even years long, and if you ask me, that it is not possible without the above connection. Your trust, every little detail shared, personal story, inside joke, cynical smile – each tiny hint helps me to create a celebration that is “the best” for you.

It’s not just my 10+ years of experience in the travel, event and wedding planning industry that will help me do that – it is also my passion for discovering Hungary’s most amazing locations and finding the best service providers. After all, wedding planning, like many other professions, is not a one-man show. Behind the Vowfully Perfect Moments there is a carefully selected team of service providers who share not only a dedication to the profession, an impeccable sense of style and high quality, but also a common goal: they devote heart and soul to make your day perfect.